Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Increase Your Follower Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site that is popular now. Like Facebook, on Twitter we are also able to interact with people we know would not even known to us. For owners of blogs, Twitter can also be used to search visitors if you are already a lot of Twitter followers.

So, what if Twitter is still small number of followers? Here's how to increase your Twitter followers.

1. Follow Twitter others
With the expectation "I follow u, u follow me," You can get a follower in this way. The way other people follow Twitter. Do not be too much to follow Twitter others in a day to avoid spam.

2. Do not be too much to follow site or company
Do not expect to get a follower of the site or company. They are not going to follow behind, as using Twitter to promote your website or product link. No wonder many Twitter account or a corporate site has a lot folowers, but following his 0.

3. Active on Twitter
Do not use Twitter just to find a follower, but the content also like status updates on Facebook. The difference, in Twitter-tweet call it jamming. Do not forget to include @username every nge-tweet.

4. Upload photos to Twitter
Do not let your Twiter photo image only the white background like a blue water droplet. Upload photos to make it more attractive for people to follo your Twitter.

5. Promote your Twitter via Blog
If you have a blog, promote your Twiter through blogs with the hope of blog visitors to follow your Twitter.