Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to Use Calling Cards Without Getting Your Wires Crossed


A famous phone company once said that long distance was the next best thing to being there in person. Back in the old days, bigger phone companies charged high rates for long distance calling. Nowadays there are many low-cost options for long distance calls, even internationally.
Even for cell phone owners, many of those carriers have calling plans or minute plans that make it low-cost for long distance calls in your own country, and some do have international plans that offer those calls at low charges per minute. However, there might be a less expensive method than this.
THE USE OF CALLING CARDS The answer is to use a phone card. And the ones available for you buy online usually offer cheaper rates than other calling cards you can buy in almost all countries at supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience and many other stores.
Usually the quickest and least expensive answer is to get a calling card from an online vendor at a website meant for the purchase of calling cards. These websites often offer cards that have plans to call certain countries at very low rates. These rates are often cheaper than what any carriers offer, and are often cheaper than any other calling cards.
Now one must shop carefully at the various websites. A few hints about buying them online and using them. Keep in mind that not all cards sold online or in stores offer local access numbers in your calling area. Thankfully you can check before buying to see if the card has a local access number in your area. This is important so that you don't incur long distance charges just to use the access number. Chances are good they will have an access number close to you or in your city if you live in a larger city or metro area.
Now, there are many different cards to choose from when calling. You should keep in mind the purpose of your calls, the need for quality in the connection and so on. Generally the least expensive cards charge a small fee to connect the call then a low minute rate. These cards are better for calling friends or family if you will be on the phone for a longer period of time per call. If you think you will be making smaller duration calls and more of them, such as in business, and do not want to pay a connection fee then you will probably pay more per minute. Also as is usual for most things the more you pay per minute the better the quality. Since they will email you the code to use the card right in your email, you won't have to leave home to get a calling card when purchasing online.