Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Non Verbal Communication Is Very Important

Non Verbal communication is also known as silent communication. Communication is an act or a show in this world stage where information is exchanged between an individual and group either through words known as verbal communication or by facial expressions, postures, gestures, tones of voice etc. Mostly everyone use non verbal signals while communicating everyday. Non verbal communication begins from childhood, even handicapped who cannot speak communicate with their hands.
According to anthropologists Paul Ekman " Body Language and in particular facial expressions communicate more powerful than words ". It is true that when we communicate it is verbally and non verbally for example: have you ever noticed that while talking with someone on a phone or any place we smile, get angry, frown, feel sad etc. are some of the emotions noticed. Sometimes when talking to friends/relatives/family members we have to be very careful to control our expressions as the impact of the misunderstanding may lead to an unhealthy relationship.
A hand shake, waving good bye or pointing, threating someone by raising your hand etc. are hand gestures which requires no words but is non verbally interacted. Eyes also speak by giving a surprise look, angry look, ignorant look, cunning look etc. Nodding your head is also used to relay a yes or no. Kids when learning to speak they use many non verbal gestures to make an elder understand what he wants. A posture to sit and walk also communicates an attitude. The way of movement, leg crossing or arm crossing also conveys a message being an egoist. While on an occasion the person bends forwards while shaking hands it conveys a message that he is humble. In India touching feet and taking blessings of elders creates an impact that one is brought up well.
Touch which is also a medium connected to non verbal communication. Touch can be used to communicate emotions related to affection, sympathy. It is said that infants / babies recognize their near ones through touch when some one else tries to carry him or her the baby starts crying, even during sleep when the baby cries and the mother puts her hand on his or her chest, this gesture of putting a hand on the baby conveyed a non verbal message to the baby of being protected and safety.
Appearances also play a vital role it is said that, "First impression is the last impression". So what is our choice of colors, clothes, hairstyle, postures etc. reflects our personality. Today in industries and offices the office staff have to dress up in a formal way. In an examination hall a candidate has to give written test but during an interview he has to give a practical exam of his or her personality i.e. the color of his clothes says about his nature as it is said "Color's speak", his way of walking tells about his confidence, his facial expressions- nervousness, his eyes conveys whether he is frightened or not. The board taking the interview takes all this non verbal actions before interviewing him verbally. So today every one takes a lesson on personal development where experts teach him/her how to present himself/herself.
Today to keep up in the market a business owner of an Organization/a store, even owners of small business take interest to moderate their offices by using professional interior designer to decorate their offices because a well decorated office communicates non verbally with the clients who visit them which results in a successful snappy deal.
Even tones create an impact on the listener. Gentle tone, Slow tone, Shouting tone, Grumbling tones gives a lot of meaning to non verbal behavior. Sometimes while communicating a silent reply conveys a message that there is a lack of understanding.
Thus very small gestures or expressions or postures etc. makes up a non verbal communication.

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