Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wi-Fi VS 3G, What to Choose?


Staying connected to the Internet on a vacation or while traveling has become easy. Thanks to the development of new technologies. There are public wireless hotspots now, internet on the mobile and even the possibility of using our cell phone as a modem, which make it easier for us access the internet on the go. It is important for us to be able to browse the internet for various reasons; we need to check our mails, both personal and professional, stay in touch with friends and family and even for the purpose of entertainment, like watching video clips online or playing games through various websites, internet is required. In fact, a lot of us are addicted to the World Wide Web and cannot do without it because of which we appreciate the available technologies that enable us being online all the time. However, a question arises when it comes to choosing the best technology for better connectivity, i.e. Wi-Fi vs 3G. Let's try to understand both these technologies to come to a conclusion.
What is Wi-Fi?
It stands for Wireless Fidelity which is a technology used to link and transfer data wirelessly between devices. It is widely used for connecting devices to the internet, like connecting a laptop to a modem without any wires. In terms of mobile communication, wireless hotspots are present in most places these days from where people can connect their cell phones to the internet. This service may or may not be free all the time. These hotspots have towers or receivers which transmit frequencies and signals wirelessly to different electronic devices. There are millions of people worldwide who use this technology.
What is 3G?
It stands for 3rd Generation Mobile Telecommunications and is an upgrade from 2G or GPRS. It is a modern technology through which faster mobile connectivity is obtained by applying higher frequencies and faster transmission rate. Using this technology people can acquire speed up to 144 Kbps per second. Many companies around the world have started providing this technology to people through mobile networks.
Wi-Fi vs 3G
3G is better than Wi-Fi due to the following reasons:
1) It is very fast and can be connected from anywhere.
2) No transmission tower required.
3) Best for video streaming and playing games.
However, 3G is more expensive so the verdict of Wi-Fi vs 3G lies with the people depending on what they want, whether they want a faster service or a more economical service.